Solo Piano 3
Chilly Gonzales

Sheet music - Solo Piano

Original title: Notebook Solo Piano 3

Selection of 9 pieces taken from the album 2 Pièces Bonus

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Solo Piano III completes the trilogy of Solo Piano albums.

Like any final act, there are complications and consequences that follow the urgency of crossing the finish line. And like its predecessors, the album ends with a happy end in C major but the path is punctuated by more dissonances, tension and ambiguity.

Solo Piano (2004) came out in a more innocent era, where Chilly Gonzales was pioneering the evocation of declining classical and jazz genres, pushing them to the top in the 21st century. This incidentally virtuoso album surprised everyone, including the self-proclaimed musical genius.

Solo Piano II (2012) has emerged as a small pop masterpiece for a connected world, a transition to a new reality. Become a legendary showman and collaborator of renowned and esteemed artists (Drake, Daft Punk, Feist) Chilly Gonzales unveiled a collection of catchy and refined pieces, aimed to please, showing that he was ready for prime time.
This second album has certainly satisfied a growing audience and ever more eager for Gonzo's imperfectly perfect miniatures.

Solo Piano III arises at a more problematic point of inflection.

Collaborations continue (Room 29 with Jarvis Cocker, Ibeyi, Toddla T ...) but Chilly Gonzales no longer seeks to please.
Now he leaves the wrong notes. Mysterious chords and singular structures become addictive and end up inevitably resonating. The first edition of the Gonzervatory, a school of ephemeral music has just ended and the teacher is again the student he has always been and will always be, having no fear of letting the music speak for itself.

The musical purity of Solo Piano III is not an antidote to our time, it reflects all the beauty and ugliness that surrounds us.

This collection of scores brings together a selection of 9 pieces of the album faithfully transcribed. These transcriptions will reveal for many a fine musical mechanics often misleading or even invisible to the listening. Their edition required making choices, the first being to offer pianists partitions as comfortable as possible.

As a bonus, the scores of 2 tracks from the Chambers album, a solo breath and a happy ending Cello neither major nor minor, but in 2-way mode (Piano / Cello).


31.03 $

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