The Jazz Tubes Volume 1

Sheet music - Alto or tenor saxophone

Original title: Les Tubes du Jazz Volume 1


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Saxophonists, if you like jazz this collection is ideal for you!

The audio CD: for each song, three versions are recorded on the CD. A simplified version (for beginners), an advanced version (medium level), then the version play back on which you can train to play.

The partitions: for each piece, four partitions are proposed.

- simplified version for alto saxophone
- simplified version for tenor saxophone
- advanced version (medium level) for alto saxophone
- advanced version (medium level) for tenor saxophone

The chords of the chords indicated are transposed in the tone of each instrument, in order to have a precious reference for improvisation.

Singing: it is possible to use the audio CD to sing all these standards with a pleasant accompaniment. You find all the complete lyrics at the end of the collection.

The guitar: all the guitar chord diagrams are at the end of the collection. It is possible to enrich them or change their positions. The harmonic grids give the exact structure of each piece as it is recorded on the audio CD.

Keyboards: as for the guitar, it is easy to achieve an accompaniment by identifying the harmonic grids at the end of the collection.

The bass: a bassist can join the orchestra by also identifying the harmonic grids annexed.


32.67 $

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