NoteBook Solo Piano II
Chilly Gonzales

Sheet music - Piano

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In December 2011, Chilly Gonzales moved his piano to the studio Pigalle in Paris. Alone for 10 days, he recorded a selection of his compositions among a hundred melodies composed since the 8 years that separate him from the mythical album Solo Piano.

Day after day, the process of pure and careful recording took place. Chilly Gonzales recorded his pieces, one after the other, to capture the essence of each.

After years spent distracting her audience with her personality "larger than life", to challenge all the artists of the world, forcing them to surpass themselves to achieve the excellence they owe to their fans, Chilly Gonzales presents us today his most persuasive argument: the 14 titles of Solo Piano II contained in this collection.

The road was rich until Solo Piano II for "the self-proclaimed musical genius". Driven by a Grammy nomination and a Guinness Book world record for the longest concert, Chilly Gonzales finally took the stage after many years spent behind the console of a studio working for others. He becomes THE pianist solicited by Drake, Feist, Daft Punk, ... and even Steve Jobs for his global campaign for IPAD 2.

Through his albums and tours, Chilly fascinates with his versatility as an interpreter and his virtuosity as a pianist. Rare is the artist who makes his audience dance to the hippest rhythms of the moment, and then calls on a symphony orchestra to accompany him during his rap concert.

With Solo Piano II, Chilly Gonzales once again stands out as an authentic "entertainer", aware that the most beautiful mark of respect for his fans is above all "shut up and play the piano" (dixit Chilly Gonzales in "The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales ", 2011).

32.77 $

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Sheet music - Piano
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