The Magic of Music - Volume 4
LAMARQUE Elisabeth et Emmanuelle

Solfeggio - Music Training

Original title: La Magie de la Musique - Volume 4

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This book is intended for the end of the 1st cycle of Musical Training. In order for the term Musical Training to become very valuable, it seemed to us indispensable to open up students to musical culture without neglecting the technique necessary to discover any score. Our goal was to attract students to this work thanks to a choice guided by the beauty of certain extracts of works and by their diversity (from the Renaissance to the musical) without falling into the dusting that does not result to the achievement of the work or the memory of the composer. This book is composed of two parts: The first part, of white color, is composed of 11 chapters embellished with drawings. The second part contains pages of colors that can be used by the teacher in addition to the chapters, to reinforce the notions acquired in reading (blue) in rhythm (yellow) in singing, listening and analysis (pink) and in theory (green). 1. Chapters: Each is the in-depth study of an excerpt from a composer's work and of different genres. - The excerpts are important enough for students to immerse themselves in the work and memorize it. - Each work is placed in its historical musical context. - If there are key works like G. de Bizet's Carmen, others are less known, such as F. Poulenc's invitation to the castle. A place is left to humorous works for their playful side. - Many different formations are proposed and the voice is widely used. - The pupil's instrument has its place in the class. The goal is to achieve beautiful performances of ensemble music: voice instruments (possible to do on most chapters) either in class or in concert with students (children's operas, musical tales). The teacher, according to his affinities, can easily stay more or less long on a chapter, or even jump because the color pages allow a technical progression and music. 2. The colored pages: The pages of blue, yellow, pink, green are complementary chapters and are chosen more for their technical side without neglecting the musicality and the playful side. - BLUE: focused on key reading, horizontal, vertical, 1 or 2 voices. - YELLOW: focused on rhythmic reading with different measures, rhythmic dictation, polyrhythm. - ROSE: focused on monodic or polyphonic singing or in canon with exercises of applied theory, recognitions, dictations or themes, of the history of music. - GREEN: serve to recall the theoretical notions of the 1st cycle and their applications. The CD is the essential support of this book: a particular care was taken with the recordings with a variety of interpreters and formations.

28.99 $

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