The awake flute

Flute - Recueil

Original title: La Flûte Eveillée

Collection of 12 teaching pieces for flute, 2 flutes and flute and piano made in collaboration with Claudine Bonodot-Martin.
Continuation of volumes 1 and 2 of "The flute awake".
Translated into English, delivered with CD (full version and accompanying version only) and separate piano accompaniment part.

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The awake flute is a continuation of La flûte enveil volumes 1 and 2 .
Composed of 12 original pieces composed by Gilles Martin , this work for solo flute, 2 flutes and flute and piano, is for flutists at the end of 1st cycle and can be used for auditions or evaluations.
In various styles, he tackles classical ornaments, contemporary notation, double and triple licks, the range by tones, the range blues, the rhythm of the shuffle, the blue note and the dodecaphonism.
Each piece, holding on 2 pages, is embellished with a text providing succinct explanations on the flutistic and stylistic elements studied.
All compositions are recorded on CD with a playback version for both piano pieces.
The accompaniments of Patchwork and Fable appear in the attached booklet.
The awake flute offers a repertoire developed according to specific objectives.
With its diversity and clarity, this new volume has been designed to bring pleasure, autonomy and musical openness in the learning of young flutists .

I was waiting after Claudine Bonodot-Martin's first two books, dedicated to beginners flutists, a new volume for more experienced flutists.
It is done with this collection of very varied pieces and preceded very judiciously by a still relevant and useful notice.
The very contrasting nature of these pieces (with happy incursions into contemporary language) make this book an essential collection because playful and full of spirit.
Thanks to Claudine and Gilles, great musicians and teachers, for this work!

Philippe BERNOLD


30.50 $

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