10 years with the Piano of the 20th Century.
Gottlieb / Neveux / Rignol / Thinat


Cité de la Musique

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Only works written from 1900 are mentioned here. The authors have retained more than a thousand for this catalog which has six stages: the first year of study and the tenth year have been dissociated - the others are associated two by two (2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-7th, 8th-9th).
If we look at the three cycles of special education, the approximate correspondence is as follows:
- first cycle: 1st to 3rd year
- second cycle: 4th to 7th year
- third cycle: 8th to 10th year

In each of the stages, we will find seven sections:
- methods, studies and exercises -
- repertoire (everything about the piano solo instrument) -
- piano and tape (works accompanied by a magnetic tape) -
- piano four hands -
- two four-handed pianos (original works and transcriptions) -
- piano and orchestra - - three pianists and more ...

Some pieces too difficult, even for a tenth year, are presented at the beginning of the book, which ends with the list of publishers and the index of the composers mentioned.

Jay Gottlieb is a pianist - Alain Neveux is a professor at the ENM of Evry - François-Michel Rignol is a professor at the ENM of Perpignan - Françoise Thinat is a teacher at the ENM in Orléans and at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.

Highly regarded by students, teachers and musicians, the catalogs of the 10-year-old collection with ... list works that can be covered during the first ten years of studying an instrument.

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Johann PUPPETTO - Progress faster on the piano - Livre - Heinrich NEUHAUS - The art of piano - Livre - Conil / Pascal / Rignol - 10 Years With The Piano Of The 18th And 19th Centuries - Livre - Alexandre SOREL - L'art de jouer du piano - Livre - BOUTHINON-DUMAS Brigitte - Mémoire d’empreintes, vol. 2 : à l’écoute des deux mains - Livre -
PUPPETTO Johann NEUHAUS Heinrich Conil / Pascal / Rignol SOREL Alexandre BOUTHINON-DUMAS Brigitte
Progress faster on the piano
 The art of piano
The masters of music
 10 Years With The Piano Of The 18th And 19th Centuries
 L'art de jouer du piano
 Mémoire d’empreintes, vol. 2 : à l’écoute des deux mains
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GUICHOT Marie-Christine - Technical and piano repertoire - Livre - Éric GAUDIBERT - Harmony practice on the keyboard - Livre - Jean FASSINA - Letter to a young pianist - Livre - TRANCHEFORT Francois-René dir. - Guide to piano and harpsichord music - Livre - Jacques CHAILLEY - Treaty of harmony on the keyboard - Livre -
GUICHOT Marie-Christine GAUDIBERT Éric FASSINA Jean TRANCHEFORT Francois-René dir. CHAILLEY Jacques
Technical and piano repertoire
 Harmony practice on the keyboard
 Letter to a young pianist
 Guide to piano and harpsichord music
The essentials of music
 Treaty of harmony on the keyboard
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