Progress faster on the piano

Original title: Progresser plus vite au piano

Complete guide to the efficiency of piano work

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Gérard Parmentier



232 pages ; illustrations en noir et blanc - Mercurey - 2014

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Progressing faster at the piano will allow you to significantly increase your work power. It also provides solutions to difficult problems to overcome. The chapter devoted to deciphering illustrates this point well: Many musicians experience a particularly slow progression in sight reading, despite very good general skills. The reasons for this difficulty lie for many in the unconscious mechanisms of the gaze, and the reader will find in these pages effective solutions to eliminate this painful brake.

The book offers reflections and ways to go further. By exposing the benefits of knowledge in music theory, he also explains its limitations. Numerous and persistent, the erroneous ideas light up with ease. The aspects of the technique are studied one by one, but also through an overview rarely discussed. Well understood, it helps to avoid waste of time invested, often resulting in months, even years of unsuccessful work.

From one page to another, the artistic essence remains the thread of this particularly complete work. The reader will appreciate the suggestions of authors to diversify his repertoire, the technical information on the means of recording, or the chapters on tuning and harmonization, which agreeably complement the main axis of the subject.

46.40 $

Heinrich NEUHAUS - The art of piano - Livre - Conil / Pascal / Rignol - 10 Years With The Piano Of The 18th And 19th Centuries - Livre - Alexandre SOREL - L'art de jouer du piano - Livre - Dominique Merlet - Vers une bonne maîtrise du piano - Livre - BOUTHINON-DUMAS Brigitte - Mémoire d’empreintes, vol. 2 : à l’écoute des deux mains - Livre -
NEUHAUS Heinrich Conil / Pascal / Rignol SOREL Alexandre Merlet Dominique BOUTHINON-DUMAS Brigitte
The art of piano
The masters of music
 10 Years With The Piano Of The 18th And 19th Centuries
 L'art de jouer du piano
 Vers une bonne maîtrise du piano
 Mémoire d’empreintes, vol. 2 : à l’écoute des deux mains
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GUICHOT Marie-Christine - Technical and piano repertoire - Livre - Éric GAUDIBERT - Harmony practice on the keyboard - Livre - Jean FASSINA - Letter to a young pianist - Livre - Gerd Kaemper - Techniques Pianistiques - Livre - TRANCHEFORT Francois-René dir. - Guide to piano and harpsichord music - Livre -
GUICHOT Marie-Christine GAUDIBERT Éric FASSINA Jean Kaemper Gerd TRANCHEFORT Francois-René dir.
Technical and piano repertoire
 Harmony practice on the keyboard
 Letter to a young pianist
 Techniques Pianistiques
 Guide to piano and harpsichord music
The essentials of music
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