Toumback vol 1: body rhythmic games with DVD voice

Original title: Toumback vol 1: jeux rythmiques corporels avec voix + DVD

75 exercises, 20 games, 5 polyrhythms


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Gérard Authelain



32p + DVD - Lyon - 2011

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Today, body percussion is a discipline whose pedagogical, therapeutic or artistic virtues are recognized in the same way as other instrumental practices. They place us in front of an obviousness: that of re-knowing our body as the first instrument likely to give a sensory dimension to the sound.
Through Toumback, Stéphane Grosjean invites us to start a series of body exercises in the form of rhythmic games which he has carefully classified and prioritized with the aim of constantly preserving their playful aspect. In this context, everyone exercises "with bare hands" to shape the sounds he discovers or researches: a deep bass on the chest, a slap of hands more or less acute, a "snap" of fingers dry and dynamic, a hit dull thigh, a heavy foot knock to sit a bass ... not to mention the voice, real engine of our sound body. All these proposals allow the implementation of a rich progressive work of coordination of the members and, quite naturally, the taking of choreographic marks on the bases of the corporal scheme thus developed.

Toumback is intended for all musicians and non-musicians who wish to use their body to feel the music or build a real orchestra of body polyrhythms with a group of children, teenagers or adults. In the works, all the games are the object of a double musical writing: a "classic" (range and traditional signs) and another in the form of tables (sort of corporal tablature) intended for all those who have no solfegic base.
On the other hand, the DVD, veritable visual and sound translator of each exercise proposed, will greatly facilitate the implementation of this repertoire on the rhythmic, choreographic and scenic plans. Thanks to a judicious chapitrage modeled on the progression approached in the book it represents the auxiliary always available to allow to better manage the approach of these new musical territories.

34.80 $

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