Music theory for dummies
PILHOFER Michael / DAY Holly / JOLLET Jean-Clément

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1 vol. ; 24 x 20 cm ; 1 CD audio - Paris - 2007

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Was your music theory lesson at school your worst nightmare? You learned music as a child, but forgot everything a long time ago? Would you like to sing in a choir or join an amateur group, but you don't dare because you can't read music? This book is for you.

Four-step progression
Explained in a pragmatic and fun way, without theoretical complexity, music theory is not that complicated: you just need to know a few keys. Let yourself be guided !
1. Take the rhythm ...: note values, measures, tempo, nuances
2. Master the melodic elements: keys, notes, intervals and scales
3. All in perfect harmony: tones, chords and cadences
4. And finally, keep in shape: sonata, fugue, blues or rock

The part of the Ten, a glossary and precious appendices complete this simple and effective method. Finally, you will find on the fully adapted and re-recorded audio CD many examples to progress even faster.

26.62 $

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